Why this remote ICP Certification Course?

 This Agile Fundamentals bootcamp class provides you with 6 remote interactive learning sessions (and hands on experience) to learn the basics of the agile mindset and practices. This class is designed for anyone wanting to learn the agile mindset and explore different frameworks and practices under the agile umbrella.

  • Building off of Training from the BACK of the room, we will help you immerse and learn what does valuing people and interaction means in agile teams.

  • You will walk away with solid understanding of Scrum, Kanban and Lean Startup and how to apply this in your teams.

  • You will be learning concepts such as adaptive planning, value-driven development, team collaboration and frequent feedback for continuous improvement. 

  • The course also covers the history of agile, the agile manifesto, the agile principles, and some widely applied frameworks and practices. 

The Agile Coach Difference

We believe that there is more than just a class, a workshop or a few hours spent together that make up a learning experience.  We also provide

  • Free 5 hours online agile course

    Free access to a full 5 hours agile fundamentals online self-guided course. This is one of the bestseller courses in the agile section where 34,000 learners from 121 countries have taken it.

  • Optimized for remote delivery

    Since this course was designed for remote/virtual delivery, you can take a lot of the facilitation techniques, games and activities that you can apply right away with your virtual teams.

  • Be part of a Agile Community

    A lot of your fellow cohort learners will end up in different agile roles and we encourage you to make some meaningful connection after this class as well! Be part of an agile community.

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Instructor and Faculty

Vivek Khattri

Vivek is an Agile Coach and Certified Agile Instructor for The Agile Coach and also teaches at the business school at St Louis University as an Adjunct Faculty. Prior to teaching, Vivek worked for several startups as well as large corporations like MasterCard, Express Scripts, Bayer, Suddenlink Communication, Panera Bread, and Lumeris. Certifications and Training Experience: - Certified Scrum Master (CSM), Scrum Alliance - Product Manager/ Product Owner, Scaled Agile Inc - Certified Agile Coach (ACC), ICAgile - Scaled Agile Program Consultant, Scaled Agile Inc - Training from the back of the room certification, TBR

Instructor, Agile Coaching and Product Management

Pabitra Khanal

Pabitra is a seasoned professional with experience in Agile Coaching and Technology/Business Consulting experience in IT, Financial Technology, Healthcare, Sales and Distribution, E-commerce, and Communications with consistent track record of Strategic Roadmap Development, Business & IT Project Execution and Agile Coaching.

Faculty and Instructor, Agile Coaching

Joe Ziadeh

I am Joe Ziadeh. I am passionate about brains (but I am not a zombie). I specialize in the science behind how our brains react to learning and change. I've been working in Agile and IT for 20 years, in a variety of fun and interesting roles. Currently I'm a Training Badass and Agile Coach for Balanced Agility, speaker at a number of Agile conferences, and Instructor of Agile Courses in the Washington University Technology Leadership Center.

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