Interview Preparation Course

10+ hours of video content


10+ hours of content from 6 different Agile Leaders

  • Learn solid interviewing mindset

    Learn the mindset of an awesome interview taker. We have 1-hour video content on helping you with the context of the interview.

  • Ebook on the resume preparation and interview preparation

    Ebook that will guide you through the resume preparation and how to get ready for your interview

  • Videos for 20+ Questions & how to answer them

    We have Videos for 20+ frequently asked questions & have explained on how to answer them.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Resume Preparation and Mock Interviews from Instructors

  • 2

    Q&A Sessions with Agile Professionals

    • Pabitra Khanal (Agile Facilitator & Coach)

    • Zachary Klipsch (Product Specialist / Business Analyst)

    • Hari Khanal (Scrum Master & Agile Coach)

    • Case Study with Greg Wegner (Scrum Master)

    • Pabitra and Elijah (Scrum Masters)

    • Mason Eddy ( Agile Consultant) | Part 1

    • Mason Eddy (Agile Consultant) | Part 2

  • 3

    Interview Questions | Set 1

    • 1.1 How do you prioritize people over processes as a process master?

    • 1.2 Should scrum master remove impediments for the team?

    • 1.3 How do you communicate with Product Owners?

    • 1.4 Communication within Startups

    • 1.5 Who should write the User Stories?

    • 1.6 What makes a good User Story?

    • 1.7 When do you know if the User Story is ready?

    • 1.8 What would you do if a component is missing?

    • 1.9 Why is it important for the User Story to be ready?

    • 1.10 Why do we split User Stories?

    • 1.11 Why aren't User Stories estimated in man hours?

  • 4

    Interview Questions | Set 2

    • Introduction

    • 1. What is the current state of Agile in your team?

    • 2. What project are you working on? What are the team roles?

    • 3. What Agile principles are you applying?

    • 4. How do you plan for a 2 week sprint?

    • 5. How do you ensure balanced implementation?

    • 6. What was your first 90 days as Scrum Master like?

    • 7. How do you help team members understand your goals?

    • 8. What are your tips for the first few weeks in a new position?

    • 9. How do you maintain backlog across multiple teams?

    • 10. How do you conduct meetings and standups?

    • 11. What was your first retrospective like?

    • 12. How do you address team behaviors that are inconsistent with Agile?

    • 13. How do you measure success?

    • 14. How do you become more cross-functional as a Scrum Master?

  • 5

    Interview Questions | Set 3

    • Introduction

    • What are your tips for facilitating retrospectives?

    • What is impact mapping?

    • How is testing done in Agile?

    • How do you resolve conflicts?

    • How do you deal with last minute requirement changes?

    • What are the ceremonies in Scrum and Kanban?

    • When can you change the length of a sprint?

    • How do you use User Personas?

    • How can you prepare for your first job?

  • 6

    Interview Questions | Set 4

    • Tell me about you + challenges you see in Agile Transformation question

    • What's your weakness, team communication and estimation questions for Scrum Master

    • Interview Questions - User Stories, Challenges in Agile Transformation, PO role, Automation, and DevOps

  • 7

    Full Interviews

    • Interview Questions - Retrospectives, Starting with a new team and Sprint Planning

    • 11 Agile Interview Questions - Scrum and User Stories

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